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Industrial Cleaning Project | Kent


Industrial, Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services

Hydro-Active Cleaning Solutions Ltd was established to provide a range of industrial, commercial and residential cleaning services. Our aim is to deliver high quality, efficient and cost effective cleaning solutions for all of our clients and customers.

The name Hydro-Active is based around the words ‘Hydro’ relating to water and ‘Active’ which is defined as engaged in or characterised by energetic work. Water has been described as the greatest solvent known to mankind. Therefore, our services are primarily based around harnessing the power of water in combination with specialist cleaning technology and equipment.

This innovative approach has meant that many of the cleaning solutions that we provide can be achieved without the use of chemicals (Eco-Friendly).

Steam Pressure Washing

Ideal for cleaning render, stone, brick, masonry and even softer substrates such as wood.
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Gutter Cleaning

Ideal for cleaning leaves, moss and other debris from your gutters using gutter vacuum systems or mobile elevating work platforms.
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Cladding & Roof Cleaning

Ideal for cleaning organic growth, atmospheric pollution and other general soiling from all types of cladding and roof systems.
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Façade, Stone & Render Cleaning

Ideal for cleaning stone, brick or concrete render including K Rend and Monocouche.
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Guano Cleaning

Ideal for cleaning areas which have been affected by Guano or bird droppings.
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Anti-Viral Protection

Ideal for all communal areas and shared public spaces.
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Tank & Bund Cleaning

Ideal for cleaning all tank & bund areas to prevent contamination.
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Forecourt & Floor Cleaning

Ideal for cleaning concrete, paving slabs, block paving, tarmac, tiles, resin, vinyl or wet pour rubber surfacing.
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Graffiti Removal

Ideal for reactive and efficient removal of graffiti from most types of substrates or surfaces.
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Internal High Level Cleaning

Ideal for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in those hard to reach places.
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Chewing Gum Removal

Ideal for fast and effective removal of discarded and unsightly chewing gum.
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Window & Solar Panel Cleaning

Ideal for cleaning glass windows, canopies, skylights and balconies along with solar panels and arrays.
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Dustless Blasting

Ideal for cleaning and/or paint or coating removal from brick, metal, wood, fibreglass and other substrates.
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Dry Ice Blasting

Ideal for cleaning various areas and substrates without producing any secondary waste.
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Protective Coatings

Ideal for providing seamless, durable and cleanable coatings for many applications or areas.
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Welcome to the future of virus protection

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has increased the importance and necessity of effective disinfecting.

As life gets back to the new normal, people are more safety conscious than ever and have come to expect businesses and shared public spaces to be disinfected and sanitised too.

It is our mission to provide disinfected surfaces not only to keep you, your staff and your customers healthy and safe, but to provide you with peace of mind.