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Protective Coatings

Protective linings and coatings provide a seamless, durable and cost effective solution for many applications. They are particularly effective for tank and bund lining projects (primary and secondary containment). The basic principle behind this operation is to utilise the existing structure as a mould and in effect create 'a tank within a tank' or 'a bund within a bund'.

Protective Coatings

Ideal for providing seamless, durable and cleanable coatings for many applications or areas.

Extend Life

Protective lining systems can be installed (either reinforced or unreinforced) to extend the life expectancy of storage facilities or containment areas. This onsite operation can reduce downtime and minimise disruption to production.

Clear protective coatings can also be used to prevent airborne dirt and stains from adhering to finished surfaces enabling easier removal during the cleaning process. These invisible systems do not alter the aesthetic appearance of the substrate or change its colour. The treated surfaces will also remain moisture and vapour permeable. These newly protected surfaces can be dry and ready for use in a matter of hours.

GRP Mouldings

Hydro-Active Cleaning Solutions can offer the design and manufacture of GRP Fibreglass mouldings for various applications in numerous industries.

We can take your specific requirements from the initial design, through the plug making process, onto mould tool production, and finally through to the completed GRP Fibreglass product. We can undertake small to large volume production, but we are also mindful that sometimes a single product or prototype is all that is required.

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