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SteamPLUS Steam Pressure Washing

Introducing SteamPLUS

The SteamPLUS system is a cleaning mode that is built into our vehicle mounted hot water, high pressure washers. The system is activated simply by the flick of a switch. In doing so, our standard hot water high pressure washers are converted into a unique high pressure steam cleaning system. Some of the benefits of SteamPLUS are:

  • Removal of graffiti without the use of chemicals
  • Removal of chewing gum up to 5x faster than standard methods (1800 pieces per hour)
  • Cleaning without damage
  • Removal of organic matter, atmospheric pollution
  • Disinfecting and odour control without the use of chemicals

How does SteamPLUS work?

The system passes water that is under high pressure through a diesel burner, this causes the water to "overheat" which is turn creates steam at a temperature of 200°C, this steam then passes through the hoses and reaches the spray nozzle at 150°C.

The carefully regulated and fast flowing combination of steam, water and oxygen has a fully adjustable working pressure of between 50-200BAR and a flow rate of 7L per minute.

Our SteamPLUS system is fully automated and completely safe to use!

What's the difference between low pressure steam cleaning and SteamPLUS?

Low pressure steam is a standard system on all hot water high pressure equipment. It simply works by turning the pressure to >30BAR. This causes slow and unimpressive results. When using SteamPLUS our operating speeds are up to 20x higher!

What's the difference between high pressure washing and SteamPLUS?

Unlike high pressure washing, SteamPLUS has a much lighter impact force on the surface. SteamPLUS is also effective due to the 'thermo shock effect' which causes the pollutant on the surface to overheat, break up and remove without damage to the surface.

To achieve cleaning results anywhere close to the SteamPLUS system, the pressure on a high pressure washer will need to be turned up which is likely to cause damage to the surface.

What can SteamPLUS clean?

SteamPLUS is ideal for most types of surfaces but due to its delicate cleaning its real strengths are in cleaning old stone, masonry, concrete, wood, etc. SteamPLUS can remove graffiti, resins, bitumen, atmospheric pollution, algae, fungi, lichens etc. It is also ideal for disinfecting and the removal of odours without the use of chemicals.

SteamPLUS is environmentally friendly!

  • Up to 38% lower fuel consumption
  • Up to 60% saving on water
  • Low CO2 emissions