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Guano Cleaning

The potential consequences of untreated Guano (or bird droppings) is more far reaching than the obvious unsightly and unpleasant appearance.

Guano Cleaning

Ideal for cleaning areas which have been affected by Guano or bird droppings.

Serious Health Hazard

Guano presents a serious health hazard as it contains bacteria, viruses and parasites. Two notable guano related diseases which are highlighted on the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) Website are Psittacosis and Salmonella. Psittacosis is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium called Chlamydia Psittaci. It is mainly associated with parrots and other similar species but it does affect other birds, including pigeons. The symptoms are commonly a flu-like illness and pneumonia. Salmonella may also be present in some bird droppings. It is a bacterial infection that can cause significant diarrhoea.

Efficient and Effective Guano Cleaning

Another nasty consequence of guano or bird droppings is that it can create a real slip and trip hazard which could easily result in serious injury and damage.

Added to that, bird guano is acidic and can damage and permanently stain the fabric of buildings leaving them vulnerable and in need of repair. Limestone structures and Plastisol type cladding panels are particularly at risk.

Hydro-Active Cleaning Solutions provide an efficient and effective guano cleaning and removal service. Our team will carry out a comprehensive risk assessment, wear the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and then deal with the guano related issue. This will ensure that your premises are safe, clean, hazard free and aesthetically appropriate for all staff and visitors alike.

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