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IBIX Trilogy Dustless Blasting

Introducing IBIX Dustless Blasting (Aero Abrasion)

The IBIX TRILOGY technology used by our skilled operatives is the latest innovation from IBIX. The triple functionality of HELIX along with H20 and Dry eco-blasting capabilities is combined in one machine. This allows our operatives maximum versatility and drastically reduces the time for specialist cleaning, paint removal, restoration and treatment of surfaces.

Our Trilogy technology represents the state of art in the fields of surface treatment, industrial and specialist cleaning, restoration and urban cleanliness.

How does IBIX TRILOGY work?

HELIX technology imparts a rotary motion to the abrasive media exiting the gun. The impact of the abrasive on the surface is therefore tangential as opposed to perpendicular. The result is an abrasion that is more gentle and respectful to the substrate. An added benefit is an increase in the contact area and overall efficacy. HELIX systems can operate in both wet and dry modes and are designed for cleaning delicate natural and artificial stones, marble and wood.

H2O has two operating modes, being a dual wet & dry action technology with a special H2O nozzle that operates a water jet mixed abrasive. Mixing occurs in the nozzle. Reducing water & cleaning residue usage. The H2O method is a dust suppression measure & is typically used in the fields of restoration, urban cleaning, graffiti removal, industrial cleaning and maintenance.
The ecological DRY system is ideal for treating wood & porous stone where water is not recommended. 

This method is particularly effective when a strong abrasive power is required, such as paint removal on metal and boats.

What can IBIX TRILOGY clean?

Our Dustless Blasting Service based around IBIX TRILOGY technology is ideal for every type of natural stone, sandstone, limestone, marble and travertine marble, antique terracotta, brickwork and wood. Our skilled operatives can remove graffiti, resin coatings, paint, atmospheric pollution, algae, lichens, moss, grease, emulsifying oils and varnish.

The IBIX technology that we use has been designed to clean and efficiently remove contaminants from gears, machinery, heat exchangers, stainless steel or aluminium containers, belt conveyors, engines and transmission components and so much more.