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Anti-Viral Protection

Welcome to the new standard in virus protection.

We understand that protecting your business, your staff and your clients has never been more important.

Anti-Viral Protection

Ideal for all communal areas and shared public spaces.

How It Works

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has increased the importance and necessity of effective disinfecting to stop the spread of the virus.  As life gets back to the new normal, people are more safety conscious than ever and have come to expect businesses and shared public spaces to be disinfected and sanitised too.

The Service

Hydro-Active Cleaning Solutions Ltd provide an onsite anti-viral protection service. Using our backpack electrostatic sprayer system we can disinfect large areas quickly and efficiently.

There is no need to leave the area being sprayed or treated which means there is no down time for your business.  The fine antimicrobial spray pattern or mist has a 30 second dwell time and no wiping is required. The positively charged particles evenly coat and wrap all of the surfaces that they hit as well as sanitising the air it passes through. The water based antimicrobial virucidal liquid has been proven in independent tests to be 99.99% effective against COVID-19, SARS and other viruses. We also provide the option if you would like to purchase your own backpack and handset.

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