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White Lion Dry Ice Blasting

Introducing White Lion Dry Ice Blasting

Our Dry Ice Blasting service using White Lion Technology, differs from other blasting techniques as the blasting media (solid carbon dioxide) vaporises on impact with the surface being treated, leaving nothing behind other than the material or contaminant that has been removed. Dry Ice Blasting was developed as a safe, clean alternative to traditional forms of abrasive blasting. Dry Ice Blasting has now grown to become an integral and truly versatile cleaning process for a wide range of industries throughout the world.


  • Cleans without surface erosion, etching or abrasion
  • Dramatic savings in man hours and hazardous chemicals
  • Eliminates potential damage to machine parts
  • Eliminates secondary waste streams. Dry Ice Blasting produces no secondary waste.
  • Eliminates personnel exposure to the corrosive / conductive characteristics of manual cleaning products.
  • Reduces cleaning and downtime by cleaning in-situ
  • Eliminates blasting media entrapment and drying time
  • Eliminates electrical and bacterial problems associated with water cleaning
  • Reduces overall cleaning time
  • Non-abrasive, non-conductive, non-flammable, non-toxic

How does White Lion Dry Ice Blasting work?

Our Dry Ice Blasting service is an industrial cleaning process in which particles of solid carbon dioxide are propelled at high velocities to impact and clean a surface. These particles are accelerated to supersonic speeds by compressed air and delivered via a hand held or robotised nozzle at the surface to be cleaned.

The dry ice pellets hitting the component cause a sudden punctual supercooling of the coating or contaminant that has to be removed. Due to the different thermal expansion coefficients of the contaminant and the substrate thermal tensions emerge between the two layers. The contaminant embrittles, debonds and is removed.

The energy produced during this procedure is chiefly responsible for the actual cleaning process. Kinetic energy is transferred from the dry ice media to the surface which removes the contaminant and is then converted to heat producing sublimation (the process of turning from solid to vapour).

What can White Lion Dry Ice Blasting clean?

Dry Ice cleaning is non-abrasive to the impacted surface. Our Dry Ice Blasting service is so versatile that it has been used to clean oak beams, production machinery, food processing equipment, engines, motors and circuit boards. It can also be used on brickwork, glass, rubber and synthetics. Our skilled operatives can use this process for smoke damage and to remove bitumen, paint, coatings, adhesives and graffiti.