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Tank & Bund Cleaning

Large vessels such as ballast tanks, mixing and storage tanks (including bunds) can be extremely difficult to clean and maintain due to their nature and structure. However, failure to do so can result in them becoming less efficient or in extreme cases malfunctioning completely.

Tank & Bund Cleaning

Ideal for cleaning all tank & bund areas to prevent contamination.

Prevention is Better

As with all interior or exterior substrate issues, prevention is better than cure and often a lot more cost effective in the long term. So, cleaning difficult and awkward surfaces which may be out of normal sight deserves the appropriate and necessary attention.

Prior Cleaning

Aging tank farms or storage equipment at times may also require cleaning prior to the application of a surface coating or lining system.

Hydro-Active Cleaning Solutions have the equipment, technology and expertise to meet your tank and bund (primary and secondary containment) cleaning requirements.

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"Very pleased with the results - it looks like a new tank!"

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