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Facade, Stone & Render Cleaning
Facade, Stone & Render Cleaning

Hydro-Active Cleaning Solutions provide a complete external façade, stone and render cleaning service. The absolute priority is to identify and determine the type of brick, stone etc. in order to employ the correct cleaning method or procedure.

We always operate a 'substrate sensitive' approach to ensure that no damage is caused to the underlying surface. Our specialist cleaning technology and equipment of steam pressure washing, dry ice blasting or dustless blasting enables us to provide the optimum cleaning process.

We can therefore remove staining caused by carbon, traffic film, organic matter, environmental pollution along with paint from your stone or brick building façade.

Using our low pressure steam cleaning system Hydro-Active Cleaning Solutions can also clean K Rend and Monocouche render systems. This technique involves a gentle but thorough cleaning process.

This cleaning method has been designed to effectively remove pollutants, algae and moss (organic matter) and staining without causing any damage to the rendered substrate.

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