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Steam Pressure Washing
Steam Pressure Washing

Steam pressure washing is a revolutionary cleaning process that combines the unique cleaning properties of steam with the efficiency of high pressure washing. Utilising our specialist cleaning equipment and technology this mode or method of cleaning is activated by the flick of a switch. In so doing, our standard hot water high pressure washers are converted into a unique high pressure steam cleaning system.

Using pressurised steam achieves outstanding cleaning results whilst significantly reducing potential damage to vulnerable surfaces. It simply would not be possible to achieve this level of cleaning using normal high pressure washing without serious risk of damage the surface material. 

Steam pressure washing has a far lighter impact on the surface material which mitigates the risk of damage. The ‘thermo shock' effect causes the pollutant on the surface to overheat, break up and be removed - without damaging the surface. This makes it ideal for cleaning render, old stone, masonry and even softer substrates such as wood.

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